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Bully Defuser Talk Show Host Published Author Keynote Speaker Corp. Executive

Bullying Happens From The Classroom To The Boardroom
Learn How To Defuse It With THE PERMISSION SLIP
Become Your Own Bully Defuser

About Garth

Garth Riley:
TV Talk show host -Author-Speaker-Presenter-Coach-Consultant-Corporate Executive-Trainer-Bully Defuser

The Bully Defuser:
Garth Riley has helped tens of thousands of children, parents, teachers,corporate executives look at bullying from a different perspective.
They are encouraged to develop their own resilience though the use of The Permission Slip process. Featuring a his breakthrough process called The Permission Slip Process which is featured in his book The Bully Defuser.
"The Permission Slip" is the technology used in the Sticks And Stones Will Break My Bones presentation and tour. The Permission Slip Process is copyright protected

Since 2001 Garth has been involved in media in Canada's largest market. He is known for asking the right questions and listening for the answers. Hundreds of interviews over 18 years has afforded Garth an insight into many aspects of life that many people may never experience. He is a avid story gatherer and teller. When not in front of the camera he can be found on stages across Canada.

Live presentations:
He has presented in front of tens of thousands of students, adults,teachers,sales teams,customer service teams etc. He challenges his audiences to think about situations from a different perspective.

His business accomplishments include:
Award winning sales achievements in multiple sales environments.
A business turn around expert in growing business though improving processes and building competency in those on his team.He also coaches owners and managers on how to get where they want to go in innovative ways.

His community involvement:
His community involvement is centered around being an instrument of change and advocate for reasoning above emotion to effect change.
He has used his TV show to help draw attention topics that help give the underdog a voice.
A supporter of accessible work environments.
A voice for those who have been ignored or marginalized.
A conversation starter by nature and advocate by calling.
He has worked with:
Variety The Children's Charity, YWCA,Families Of Children With Cancer,Save Bala Falls,Women issues,Fathers for Justice and many many more.

About Garth

About The Author / Book

About The Author / Book
About the Book:
Garth The book is based on the actual experiences the author had while teaching others on how to use the permission slip.The book was purposely designed as a quick read. It was designed as a reference guide and a tool that can be used to mentor others efficiently and effectively.
The Author:
Garth Riley's background has included being an At Risk Youth Advisor, specializing in helping kids deal with bullies. He has taken his message about bullying to hundreds of schools across Canada. He is also a TV and radio host (Riley Live, The Riley Alternative, The Riley Perspective, and First Take Live), a corporate executive, business owner, presenter, mentor, and trains others in the areas of sales, media communication coaching, and public speaking.

The Presentation is now a book.
Here is what people had to say about the presentation.

"This presentation provides each student with a framework of strength to stand up to bullies by establishing their own personal identity and confidence each day."
Joe Hircock
Retired Superintendent of Education
Whitby Schools/Safety & Security 
Durham Public DDSB

"The content and interactive delivery of the message are very effective and entertaining"
Anne O' Brien
Superintendent of Education
Family of Schools/Safe Schools Durham Catholic DDCSB

"Garth Riley captivates and engages students in mere moments... the students absorb and retain the message long after he has left the building"
Marnie Alexander, BSW
Community Social Worker, Harwin Public School Prince George, British Columbia

"Garth delivers a powerful message. He shows empathy and the message is relevant."
Phil Cristi General Manager, Durham YMCA

"The Permission Slip Workshops with our many classes were insightful and helpful."
Karen Burtch, Program Administration, Jobs 2000

"I've used the permission slip with companies to get their sales results to grow."
Jonathan Weaver Principal Owner, Peak Performers Consulting

"Garth has brilliantly given us permission to reclaim our strength. The tools he provides are clear and concise and the results speaks loudly. Brilliant work."
Pastor Malachi Brown

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  • Every book ordered of this website will be signed by the author.With an encouraging message.

Live Presentation 20 min or 30 min or 55 min or Workshops

  • The Bully Defuser presentation is very audience interactive no matter the time slot selected.
  • -16 Minute Encouragement Talk
  • - 30 Minute Lunch and Learn
  • - 55 Minute interactive group presentation for group sizes ranging from 3 -1000's
  • Church Presentations available with scripture correlations added.

What People Say

 "Garth's book gave me a good understanding of how to break down the issues and evaluate my position. Finally, a tangible tool to deal with complex systemic issues. I now know how to take back control of situations I face and how to make a plan to move forward. Thank you Garth.""

Anna Argante

 Easy reading,well put together. Very powerful tool, it's a must to get Met Garth in person and was able to read his book, it's very easy to read and put forward his teachings techniques to hand. It's great for personal development to the board."

Shawn BushAmazon Customer

 Hey Garth I just finished your book. A really good read and a great tool! The Advocating part is Brilliant. The principals can be applied to anything! Andre West"

Andre WestBusiness Associate


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Community Group Presentations

The best way to feel the impact is to have a live and interactive presentation.

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Sales Department Explosion

The Permission Slip has been adapted as a sales team management tool. Interested exploding past limitations? Jonathan Weaver and Garth Riley team up to deliver an inspiration message that busts limiting beliefs in under 1-2 hour presentations

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Corporate Samaritan

As a member of the business community you can become a Corporate Samaritan. This new program is where business people learn to use this tool and then go and help others with it. More details to come Visit ( it is under development)

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Will this work for corporations?

It actually will bust open the Drama department that exists in many companies. Peer to peer drama is very damaging and unproductive. The Permission Slip process will help close that department down.

We have two versions we use in the corporate environment.

Drama Gone:
The straight up presentation of The Bully Defuser works well and develops a new vernacular for the employees to use within the group. It assists in creating a common way to encourage each other in being more productive and cooperative.

The Sales Team Version:
The permission slip tool is a foundation part of this presentation. However we layer that in with The Accountability Check.
The Accountability Check is a call to action with various tasks and challenges applied and agreed to. This method works hand in hand with coaching people to become better than they were.
This is taught by master communicator and businesses consultant Jonathan Weaver.

What age Is The Permission Slip Process for?

This program works from ages 7 to 97

Can I buy a book or E-version of this book?

Yes both books and Kindle Version are available

Is there mentoring available?


Is Garth available for conference calls and presentations?



Be ready for the off balance route people will take you on.. Bully Defuser is YOU

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