About Garth

Garth Riley:
TV Talk show host -Author-Speaker-Presenter-Coach-Consultant-Corporate Executive-Trainer-Bully Defuser

The Bully Defuser:
Garth Riley has helped tens of thousands of children, parents, teachers,corporate executives look at bullying from a different perspective.
They are encouraged to develop their own resilience though the use of The Permission Slip process. Featuring a his breakthrough process called The Permission Slip Process which is featured in his book The Bully Defuser.
"The Permission Slip" is the technology used in the Sticks And Stones Will Break My Bones presentation and tour. The Permission Slip Process is copyright protected

Since 2001 Garth has been involved in media in Canada's largest market. He is known for asking the right questions and listening for the answers. Hundreds of interviews over 18 years has afforded Garth an insight into many aspects of life that many people may never experience. He is a avid story gatherer and teller. When not in front of the camera he can be found on stages across Canada.

Live presentations:
He has presented in front of tens of thousands of students, adults,teachers,sales teams,customer service teams etc. He challenges his audiences to think about situations from a different perspective.

His business accomplishments include:
Award winning sales achievements in multiple sales environments.
A business turn around expert in growing business though improving processes and building competency in those on his team.He also coaches owners and managers on how to get where they want to go in innovative ways.

His community involvement:
His community involvement is centered around being an instrument of change and advocate for reasoning above emotion to effect change.
He has used his TV show to help draw attention topics that help give the underdog a voice.
A supporter of accessible work environments.
A voice for those who have been ignored or marginalized.
A conversation starter by nature and advocate by calling.
He has worked with:
Variety The Children's Charity, YWCA,Families Of Children With Cancer,Save Bala Falls,Women issues,Fathers for Justice and many many more.

About Garth