Bullying by Gas Light !

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18 Feb

Bullying by Gas Light !

I was reviewing an article on gaslighting in a publication that popped up in my Google Search. I thank Tommy McCarten for the heads up!

 Gaslighting it is an emotional abuse tactic that I now see many people in my life have used it before. My stepfather is one, a business associate or two come to mind. Actually i can think of four that I can totally call out right now.

I had no idea that there was such a term. However it is SUCH a bullying tactic that we must become aware of it. The idea around this is mainly keeping the victim off balance at all times. Again this is where strategy and tactical must meet and collaborate to document all of the goings on from a Human Resource Perspective and in personal life.


Do you get praise only to later on get criticized on something inane? Are you told that you never listen, but you really know you are? Have you been told one thing by a person of power or influence, only to be told that they never said anything of the sort before? 

YEP you have been gassed by The Gaslighter!

My suggestions are to take good notes and frame all your fact gathering around the metrics discussed in the articles I have given as a link above.

Use The Permission Slip Process to give yourself courage to battle this and WIN.

NEVER lets someone's certainty or speaking with certainty be grounds for your ignoring your intuition. People who speak louder or more articulately are not always right. People who speak and use words or tone and inflection to dominate over you are nothing more than Gaslighters. Sure they may have a point worth considering but do not let them dominate. Intuition is your inner tutor. That tutor learned all it has through experiences both personal and through learning from others.