Will this work for corporations?

It actually will bust open the Drama department that exists in many companies. Peer to peer drama is very damaging and unproductive. The Permission Slip process will help close that department down.

We have two versions we use in the corporate environment.

Drama Gone:
The straight up presentation of The Bully Defuser works well and develops a new vernacular for the employees to use within the group. It assists in creating a common way to encourage each other in being more productive and cooperative.

The Sales Team Version:
The permission slip tool is a foundation part of this presentation. However we layer that in with The Accountability Check.
The Accountability Check is a call to action with various tasks and challenges applied and agreed to. This method works hand in hand with coaching people to become better than they were.
This is taught by master communicator and businesses consultant Jonathan Weaver.

What age Is The Permission Slip Process for?

This program works from ages 7 to 97

Can I buy a book or E-version of this book?

Yes both books and Kindle Version are available amazon.ca

Is there mentoring available?


Is Garth available for conference calls and presentations?